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Photo of Bob Stafford and Linda Wooley
Linda Woolsey – Bob Stafford

We are building a community of like minded people who share two of my passions: gardening and personal health from a physical, emotional, and professional perspective.
Whether you’d like to learn more about gardening or want to share your expertise, you are welcome. Just like plants grow for a season, human growth has rhythms and patterns too.
We promise there will be beauty and joy in the plants and inspiring information to share. With a few challenges and humor, just to keep it interesting!

Linda Woolsey

Photo of Linda Woolsey
Linda Woolsey

I lost three dress sizes. I no longer craved meat and cheese. That’s what I call reversing the aging process!

I am Linda Woolsey, a life long gardener. I grew up on a watermelon and cantaloupe farm in Southeastern Utah. So I’ve had dirt under my finger nails for as long as I can remember. After retiring from a respectable career working with senior citizens programs, I earned my certificate in Environmental Horticulture from Lake Washington Institute of Technology. I am a Certified Professional Horticulturist. At my first introduction to the amazing Tower Garden I knew I had to have one and that I wanted to help make it available to others. That all happened at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in February 2013. I now have 4 Tower Gardens and grow in two of them all winter long. In all my many years of gardening, I have never found a faster, easier, hassle free way of gardening than in the Tower Garden. Now I can garden and still have long healthy fingernails that are dirt free!

The exclusive resource to purchase a Tower Garden is through the Juice Plus+ company and the distributor sales force. The Juice Plus+ company also distributes the absolute finest, most scientifically proven product line of whole fruits and vegetables in the world. When I started taking the whole food products, I was amazed to experience more energy and endurance. I just generally felt better. Once I began the Transform30 program, I lost weight and three dress sizes in just three months! I was astounded as that had never happened to me before. I had a waitline again! As I continued to stay on the Transform 30 program, my food choices changed to include more vegetables as a primary protein source. I no longer craved meat or cheese. My diet is now mostly vegetarian and my general health status has improved. Now that’s what I call reversing the aging process! Becoming a vegetarian was never a goal of mine, just something that has happened naturally from living the more healthy Transform30 lifestyle.

Today I am a Juice Plus+ professional distributor with a deep passion to making a difference in peoples lives. I define ‘making a difference’ as knowledge and tools for improved health, providing leadership and resources for more financial abundance, and increasing peoples free time to enjoy life more fully.

Bob Stafford

Photo of Bob Stafford
Bob Stafford

I am regaining my health because I’m getting the proper nutrition I need to heal. And after I buy the Juice Plus products, I still save $1000.00 a month!

My name is Robert Stafford, everyone calls me Bob. I spent 40 years working on the railroad. I worked in 10 states and British Columbia, Canada during my railroad career. I originally worked as a station agent. Advances in technology during the 1980’s allowed for the replacement of the local railroad agent with centralized customer service centers. I worked various clerical positions in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Wyoming,Colorado and New Mexico until those positions where replaced with new technology.

I made the change from a union employee to a management employee as technology slowly forced out the clerical positions. They were becoming extinct just like the steam locomotive. I spent the last 15 years of my railroad career working in railroad management positions in Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Washington and British Columbia.

I became very sick during the spring of 2010. I became so weak I couldn’t open a jar of peanut butter and I was seeing double. I was unable to work again.

It took several months before I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, (MG), an autoimmune disease. This disease attacks the muscles and causes them to become progressively weaker. I was referred to a Neurologist who started me on the mildest drug possible. A month later he prescribed a stronger drug with side effects that required checking for liver damage every 3 months. I said “No, by the time you find my liver is damaged, it’s too late, I am not taking it.” The Neurologist wrote all over my medical records that I refused to follow established medical procedure, and that I was uncooperative. Its my liver not his!

I found a Naturopathic doctor who specialized in autoimmune diseases. He did tests for heavy metals and food allergies. Western trained medical doctors never considered this. I had several food allergies and I had lead poisoning and two other excessively high metals. Stress, heavy metals, and irregular sleep patterns are believed to be causes of MG.

I started Chelation IV Therapy to remove the metals which took a year. The Naturopath prescribed natural supplements to boost my immune system. Out of pocket costs for doctor visits, supplements and Chelation therapy was costing a $1,000 a month.

The second year, the Naturopath started me on concentrated nutrition administered intravenously. This IV therapy raised my monthly cost to $1,300, sometimes more.

In February 2013 I learned about the Juice Plus capsules and started taking them. I never needed the nutritional IV therapy again. Finally, I was getting the nutrition my body needed on a daily basis instead of from an IV tube.

After taking Juice Plus capsules for 5 months, I began the Transform 30 lifestyle program. I take a double serving of the Juice Plus capsules and two servings of Complete every day. I have a green shake made with Complete, kale and other greens for breakfast and a Complete shake with fruit for lunch. After just three months on the Transform30 program, I stopped most of the other supplements I’d been taking.

After two years on the Transform 30 program, my health continues to steadily improve. I go to the YMCA 5 days a week. My muscles are physically stronger.

I am regaining my health because I am getting the proper nutrition needed to heal. Thank you Juice Plus and Transform 30! And, after I buy my Juice Plus products, I’m still saving over $1,000.00 a month!

Today I am an attraction marketing professional. If you would like to learn more about health, nutrition, Juice Plus nutrition products, Tower Garden, franchise opportunities, or attraction marketing, please contact me using the Contact Us option.

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