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DIY Waterfall Feature For Backyard Fence

We have created a secluded meditation area in our backyard garden. When seated here the shrubbery blocks your view from the rest of our garden. It has a Buddhist shrine that you pass to enter.  To complete the relaxation mood this area creates, I built a very simple waterfall feature for backyard on the cedar fence. The sound of the water running into its catch basin is very soothing.Photo of DIY Waterfall Feature For Backyard Fence

This waterfall was very easy to make. I found a shower door at our local Habitat for Humanity Store. I first placed the shower door where I wanted it and clamped it into place and put a level on it and leveled it. The shower door has a brass finish. I mounted the shower door on the cedar fence by drilling ⅝” holes into the door frame and and using ¼” brass bolts to secure it.

My idea was to use ½” copper water pipe with holes drilled into it running across the top of the shower door to direct a stream of water across the door to run down it into a catch basin. I drilled ⅛” holes into the supply pipe to direct the water onto the shower.

I needed to learn how to sweat solder copper pipe. After watching a couple of YouTube videos, I it!. It wasn’t as hard as I had imagined it to be.

I found a waterfall pump at a local nursery with the capacity to pump the water to the top of the 6 foot tall fence. I wanted a square or rectangular catch basin to go under the shower door to catch the water and hold the pump. I was not able to find what I wanted and had to use a 24” diameter round catch basin instead. To hook the pump to the copper pipe I used a piece of ½” garden hose cut from a hose that had gotten punctured last year and was not usable any more. I don’t throw things such as this out. Never know when they will come in handy for a repair job or a DIY project. I cut the hose to length and added the necessary male and female ends to the house that I purchased at the nursery center when I picked up the pump.

I also picked up some river rock at a local building supply center. I placed a piece of cedar fence board that I cut to 28” across the top front of the catch basin. I than used this to support the stone that I placed in front and beside the shower door. This hid the catch basin and created the illusion of the water disappearing behind the rocks.

DIY Waterfall Feature For Backyard Fence
Water supply pipe with 1/8″ holes on top of the fence waterfall feature.

When I filled the catch basin with water and turned the pump on everything worked as planned… and no leaks!  Happy days are here again!

The waterfall feature is located under a bamboo tree. This tree keeps on dropping leaves which were falling into the water. I had some aluminum window screen left over from another project. I used a piece of this to cover the return reservoir. I tucked the screen under the catch basin, bent it over the it and then stapled it onto the fence. Its definitely helping to keep the leaves out of the catch basin.

With the leaf problem solved we now had a very soothing water feature to sit beside and just relax, meditate and enjoy. You can make this simple water feature yourself just like I did.

Photo of backside of fence of the DIY Waterfall Feature For Backyard Fence

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