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I Am Healthy Enough To Take A Road Trip!

I just got back from a 2300 mile road trip!
Why am I excited about it?
Because back in 2012 Linda and I took the same trip
to Green River, Utah.
She did almost all the driving.
I was only able to drive for short distances.
I was in really bad shape physically.
I was very weak, having a hard time seeing.
My vision was so bad from the stress of the road trip traveling that day.
In 2011 I contracted Myasthenia Gravis, an autoimmune disease.
It made me very weak. I was experiencing blurry and double vision.
​​​​​​​We stopped in Meridian, Idaho to eat. I was trying to find the men’s
room and could not read the signs.

I started to open the women’s room door thinking it was the right one.
I saw a women inside and realized the mistake I was making. That was so embarrassing!
On that 2012 trip that I tried to make the one hour drive

from Price, Utah to Green River so Linda ride could with her son in his pickup.

I am healthy enough to take a road trip growing plants growing people
We with my two grandson’s that I visited in Twin Falls, Idaho during my road trip.
I was following them and about 40 minutes out I had to pull over.
I could not see clearly any more!
I was getting double vision. I was seeing two roads.
Two cars coming the other way!
Great way to kill yourself!
Linda and her son had to come back and find me
so she could drive the remaining 20 minutes into town.
Linda’s mom passed away last week. She flew to be with
her Mom in your final hours.
I drove all by myself the 1150 miles to Green River.
I did it in two long days.
First leg was the 700 mile trip
from Marysville, WA to Twin Falls, Idaho.
It was a long miserable day. Rock slide on I-90 had the Interstate
closed out of Seattle.
I had to use other less direct roads to get over the Cascade Mountains.
Rain and fog all day long during this drive.
With the detour I spent 10 hours on the road.
Next day I drove from Twin Falls to Green River, 450 miles.
I did something that just a few short years ago I could not do!
Makes me want so celebrate all the healing I have done naturally
without all the drugs normally given to MG patients.
The biggest single thing that helped me to become well again
was my Juice Plus capsules.
My naturopathic doctor always says
“Give your body the nutrition it needs and your body will heal its self.”
My neurologist calls me the Myasthenia Gravis poster boy.
He knows of no one else with the disease who has
treated it naturally without the liver damaging drugs.
The 30 servings of fruits and vegetables I receive each time I take my
Juice Plus+ gives my body the antioxidants my body needs to heal itself.
And now I made my road trip driving hours at a time all by myself with clear vision all the way!
You too could be giving your body the nutrition it needs.
Just tap this link to learn more =>
Part of my natural way of healing myself is following the Shred 10 lifestyle.
In addition to taking my Juice Plus+ capsules I made the following changes in my life.
These are simple changes that can be done one at a time. Many simple changes add up to a big change over several months.
These are the changes I made to help me become healthy again:
  • Eliminate caffeine and alcoholI Am Healthy Enough To Take A Road Trip! Growing Plants Growing People
  • Give up gluten and daily
  • No processed foods (return to home cooking)
  • No artificial or refined sugars
  • Stay away from late night meals
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise most days
  • Get plenty of sleep

Disease is caused by inflammation of your body. The Shred 10 program naturally does a gentle detox. As you clean the toxins from your body has less inflammation and begins to heal itself.

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 I Am Healthy Enough To Take A Road Trip!

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