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DIY Planter Idea – Using Broken Chair

This DIY planter idea came about when we had one of our lawn chairs wear out at the same time we had a large container gardening pot that just looked so boring sitting on the ground all by its self. In our town we can’t just put the broken chair out next to the trash can for pick up. What do we do with the chair?DIY Planter Idea photo of planter - Growing Plants Growing People

Linda thinks more out of the box. I am very much more analytical. I am thinking of where I can take the chair to a dumpster to get rid of it. In the mean time she asks me to cut the webbing off the seat of the chair because she has an diy planter idea.

I cut off the webbing and hauled the chair to where she wanted it. Than I was told to pick up this big pot and put it inside of the chair. I lifted that heavy container gardening pot up off the ground and into the chair seat area. The pot fit but did not quite touch the ground. A few rocks and soil where put under the pot to support it. We now had a chair planter garden décor accent.

This outdoor planter idea has now been sitting in the same area for five years. Sometime over the years it has gotten moved back against the fence so another larger container gardening pot could be placed in front of it. Today with all the growth of the plants around it this chair planter no longer is the dominate garden decor accent in this section of the garden.  Photo of Unusual DIY Planter Idea Using Broken Chair 5 years later

When the mate to this chair also had its seat wear out I cut a cedar fence board into pieces that would fit over the seat and it also was used as a chair planter.

Unusual DIY Planter Idea Using Broken Chair with container gardening pot place on top of the chair.
The other chair of the pair also re-purposed as a chair planter with the container gardening pot sitting on top of it.

All the other plants she planted at that time have also become mature and filled in the whole area. You can see all this growth in the photos.

Unusual DIY Planter Idea Using Broken Chair what it looks like today.
What this area of the garden looks like today after 5 years of growth.

DIY Planter Idea - Using Broken Chair

Linda took this photo of another re-purposed chair on a garden tour. In this case it was a metal chair that had been spray painted and than used as a decorative garden decor item.

Another idea that she had was to take an old stool and use it to boost up into the air another one of her container gardening pots that was hard to see behind the other plants.Unusual DIY Planter Idea Using Broken Chair photo

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Unusual DIY Planter Idea Using Broken Chair photo of Bob and Linda

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